AffirmLogic is reporting that it has raised a $25 million round of equity financing following a $5.2 million round of funding announced earlier this year. This is a business that uses conduct analysis to identify malware.

The Mclean AffirmLogic, based in Virginia, automates the study of applications using mathematical principles to find what it calls “the deep meaning of software.”

This strategy seeks to deal with the increasingly complex threat climate, in which state-of-the-art Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and advanced malware are used to rob data and compromise networks.

AffirmLogic’s Hyperion Technology

AffirmLogic’s Hyperion technology was built in a national-security initiative, optimized by the National Laboratory for Oak Ridge Energy and chosen for DHS’s Transition to Practice (TTP) program, which is commercialized and adopted by private users, utilizing Behavior Computing to detect malicious activity within the software.

Hyperion will help the network emergency response teams (CERT), Reverse Engineers (RE) and CND teams recognize and defend themselves against attacks more rapidly in a position to detect advanced cyber threats, says AffirmLogic.

“Our ability to measure software’s actions mathematically is a game-changer for businesses needing greater awareness of malware and advanced cyber threats. Lastly, unknown computer software has unknown protection, “said Larry Roshfeld, Chief Executive Officer of AffirmLogic.

A private investment firm led the funding round.

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