China is well known for its domestic alternatives for digging international platforms and apps.

For example, it already has an alternative called Baidu from Google, and after 20 years has just completed its own GPS alternative ‘BeiDou.’ Today, China operates its alternative GitHub known as ‘Gitee.’

Reports indicate that China is seeking to find the culture of its open-source developers. In view of ongoing tensions with the US, China is now supporting Gitee by transforming it into a country’s independent, open-source code hosting platform. This creation follows the recent implementation of US sanctions law by Github.

As it was founded seven years ago, Gitee is not a new platform. There are already over 5 million developers and over 10 million repositories in its community.

Chinese Developers Moving To Gitee

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and IT (MIIT) is pushing Gitee to locate the source codes of companies. The key question, however, is whether Chinese developers are going to move from Github to Gitee due to the current dispute.

Gitee founder Hong Shu says that “the planet should be a hundred flowers, which are brilliant and blooming,” and that it should not be a replacement for Github.

Chinese Government Support

The project is expected to be undertaken by an Open Source China consortium, behind Gitee ‘s company in Shenzhen. Not only the government supports the application hosting network, but the research universities and the private sector also support it, which includes a group of 10 companies like Huawei that is now in deep waters due to the political storm in the US.

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